Odds and Ends

Nothing much happening (which is how it should be on vacation), except that:

  • I have come across what is possibly the cheesiest lamp, ever. I call it Guerrila Decor. Others are likely to call it "revolutionary", or simply "in kind of bad taste". That's art for you, I guess.
  • I was gifted an (a black, matte one), and am amazed at how amazingly usable it is (although I still think really ought to let me put my stuff under "Audio Books". Not having had an with album art (or even a color screen) before, I'm amazed at how the thing manages to display postage-stamp-sized images with such clarity.
  • The 10.4.8 update is out, with no mention of whatsoever (does this mean they consider it stable?). Update:Folk report as being 2.1.1 (752.3) now, which means something was changed.
  • Melo and myself have been talking about rsnapshot as something likely to tide us over until Time Machine gets out (me, I'm thinking of using it to store snapshots from my Windows laptop as well).
  • I got my hands on a Zeta 1.21 LiveCD for old times' sake, and was amazed at how easily it picked up on my 's hardware (i.e., it needed safe mode to boot, but otherwise Wi-Fi and other stuff worked OK). If it had decent power management and (so that I could run ), I'd give it a go for a while. Sadly, it is also lacking and a number of development niceties.