Get a Mac

Image pilfered from David Weiss, who was the first I read mentioning the ads

Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding the new Get a Mac ads, so I'll spare you mine and point out that they have already achieved the three primary goals of any advertising campaign worth its salt:

  1. They are memorable - they have clean, sharp visuals, which also help people focus on the characters. And people instantly 'get' the characters, even without eerie echos of reality (via Cult of Mac)
  2. They emphasize the benefits of using a - and debunk most of the usual myths and misunderstandings (compatibility, applications, accessories, etc., etc.)
  3. Nobody is indifferent to them (and I mean nobody, even people that don't care about computers) - which, in this day and age, means they are sure to spread like wildfire.

The best bit is that controversy will play in favor of the ads' basic points - no matter how many stupid scare stories appear about Mac viruses, for instance, or even if a crashes, people are so used to that happening to s that the jokes will stick.

And yes, the looks cool, nonchalant - understated, even. More to the point, he doesn't "dress like a nerd" - which is what the camera says about the at the end of "Network". (via Gruber, who quite entertainingly rips Dan Goodin's scare-mongering piece to shreds)