Dances With Amazons

Ah, the joys of E-Commerce - sent me an e-mail that made it seem that they had re-shipped me an order from November 22nd.

Despite it being far more likely from the outset that their back-end got confused and that my latest (last week's) order was fulfilled instead, the shipping manifesto listed the books I ordered for my Xmas break, and there was a neat "track this order" button next to my old order, so I was most interested in figuring out what happened (to say the least).

The interesting thing is not that it was hard to find a way to reach customer support regarding this - I can understand their not publishing an e-mail address (mine is hard to find to avoid Spam and random clueless inquiries), although hiding the feedback forms three levels deep could be considered a tad excessive.

No, the interesting bit starts with my ending up filling out two distinct forms (since there was apparently no way to deal with past orders that came back from the dead), and ends 15 minutes later, when a reply hit my inbox stating that it was, in fact, a mistake.

In case you missed it, I'm going to run that by you again: I got a human-written reply in 15 minutes..

Hey Apple, can you set up a Portuguese online store to match this?