Across The Pyrenees

Ah, yes. Here I am in Milan, nursing the onset of a migrane (for which I have already taken an aspirin), fresh out of over three hours of delayed flight (one on hold and two and a half in flight, courtesy of the company formerly known as Take Another Plane), during which I confirmed that my 1.84m frame does not fit a coach seat (my left leg has since gotten its circulation restored, thank you), and that some people - notably the ones with sleevless shirts, shaven heads, shoulder hair and gold chains - seem not only to forget to shower before boarding an airplane, but also to have an unerring ability to sit in front of me.

I've also (thanks to the tardiness of our arrival) been treated to an 86 Euro cab fare and the best in everywhere cuisine, and am now sifting through my work e-mail as best as I can.

By the way, if you believe yourself to be a road warrior of any kind, you're well advised to lobby for your company to set up Citrix - it works beautifully over my tethered 3G modem, with great response times and extremely low data consumption (which is something I have to watch out for, since I'm going to get billed for it...).

But then again, I work this way no matter where I am, and an extra 1600Km isn't going to add that much latency...