Puttering About

Nothing much to report besides the 8707v becoming very public all of a sudden (it's popped up in umpteen sites overnight) and my having spent the day relaxing, visiting family (including providing tech support) and adding a few nuggets of information here and there to the site.

For the record, if anyone is keeping tabs on ASDL modem support for Mac OS X, some Sapo service packages bundle a Sagem 800 USB modem with a decent Mac OS X installer - and by "decent" I mean that it sets up the modem and plays along well with System Preferences and Internet Connect without filling your system with needless crud.

This should not be construed as an endorsement for their ADSL service over anyone else's, it's just a field support note...

Anyway, pfig is rambling on about this free computer books site on IM, so I guess I'll try to calm him down a bit now.

Ah, wait, he's drifted off again. Now it's folder icons...

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