Must... Keep... Focused.

Ah, yes, the week is nearly over. Next week's pretty much over in advance for me too, since I have to fly off in yet another corporate errand which is sure to leave behind in its wake and an untold mess of unfinished tasks.

The beauty of corporate life is that everything is justifiable - anything, and I mean anything, can be made to make sense, no matter what actually happens.

Me, I call it selective forethought - at any point in time where a decision needs to be made, actual consequences (however obvious) will always be compensated by expected outcomes.

Anyway, that means I will be trying to pack in more stuff in the coming evenings (I do have a life, you know, and stuff to attend to at home), and news coverage may be a trifle thin.

And no, I don't plan on packing a camera. By all accounts the scenery isn't worth it, and unlike some people, I don't think of business travel as a way to have fun at the company's expense.