Five Little Things

  • Think Twice? Well, it's clever enough for , and it kind of makes sense with Yonah, but I'll wait before pronouncing it to be an utterly brilliant slogan, if only because it can be interpreted in exactly the wrong way. Caveat Punditor.
  • Two new pieces of software I don't have time to look at (via Melo and Gruber):
    • (which will be going up against iWeb, if rumors pan out)
    • ...and , which has the definite plus of not requiring me to trust all my files to an opaque library.
  • Something that I keep getting asked about now and then: here's an ODBC driver for Access files (US$30). I've no idea which versions it's compatible with, mind you.
  • I got interviewed over at LisbonLab. Hugo is going to be posting more interviews over the next few weeks, so I suggest you add him to your bookmarks.