A Growling Note...

...to point out Drunkenbatman's piece on . Although most people are likely to mis-read it and become fixated on the (erroneous, and merely hypothetical) notion that might one day release something similar as part of , I would like to point out two little things that hark back to when I something similar to for Gnome:

  • He is spending quite a while using and Gnome (and, like myself, doesn't miss much from the system side of , but rather from the application side).
  • One of the things that he most sorely misses is (or a good enough facsimile).

It's odd to notice that the KDE guys, at least, have been hacking away at notifications in a way that actually hints at their understanding of their importance, while Gnome has a few false starts (or resumes) on the issue now and then.