Racing Towards The New Year

Wow. I just came across Gus's input manager hacks, and find myself wishing for his menu accelerator to be integrated into Quicksilver in some way (it would save untold hours of hunting for little-used menu items...).

Update: Following Matt Green's suggestion, I updated my copy of Quicksilver and found not only the User Interface Access plugin (which adds an F7 trigger to search the current application's menu tree in Quicksilver), but also these amazing radial menus:

They can also be used for navigating the current application's menu tree, and should be bindable to a mouse button...

Anyway, here's a couple more updates before the New Year:

  • Ah, the wonders of the Windows image rendering libraries (via Melo, who dug up more information). And no, filtering WMF files won't work (since when blocking any sort of Internet content/traffic was a fix for anything?)
  • was updated to 1.5.1 after Xmas (I missed it).
  • Celestia and Camino also got minor updates recently. Camino now supports the canvas tag and has incorporated more new Mozilla features (such as SVG).
  • Q was updated to the QEMU 0.8.0 baseline.
  • There is a Maemo VNC client available. No 770 for me yet, but hey, it's bound to happen...
  • There is a lot of hype regarding the new Intel logo. Based on the assumption that whoever really wants to see it can Google for it and ignoring the usual Apple rumor tie-ins, I will focus instead on the fact that they will be using Duo as a moniker for their dual core Yonahs - something that will be interesting to see on any laptop (and hopefully bring upon us a new world of cool and fanless computing...).

And that's it, anyway. Happy New Year, everybody!

See you after the leap second.

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