Yes, it's Monday. However, it was actually a good Monday, so the title is only a figure of speech.

Finally, the lame argument of forcing Mac users to endure Internet Explorer "because it's compatible" is gone (via Michael). It may have been a big thing when it came out, but considering I never used it out of choice and that it caused a tremendous amount of trouble for whoever tried to support it (not to mention to the users who were told to use it because "It's IE, it has to work like Windows"), all I have to say is... Good riddance.

Sorry, but that's my honest opinion - none of my CSS ever worked properly on it, and to this day I have always preferred to fire up Remote Desktop and use a real IE than try to use the Mac version.

Of course, Portuguese web sites will persist in thinking IE is "standard" and that "everyone uses it", even when Firefox is becoming the browser of choice in corporate environments. Like this Slashdot story points out, practically nobody installs SP2 over here because: a) the download is gigantic and b) it is one of the most temperamental pieces of software known to Man.

So Firefox is actually a good solution for IE's security problems - and is faster, to boot.