10.4.4, Come On Down!

While I wait for the official version of to come out (no, I haven't tried the alpha floating around, I've no interest in wasting time with unfinished stuff), it is with some amusement I start picking up rumors of 10.4.4's upcoming release - with yet more fixes.

Talk about unfinished stuff, eh? Especially since the last Security Update has left my G5 with a very annoying tendency to hang upon shutdown - I've had to in a couple of times or hold down the power button to finish the job, and I don't like it. At all.

It's all about expectations, I guess. I expect to be somewhat flaky around the edges and require manual tweaking to enable suspend/resume, X compositing (my afternoon's entertainment, along with a few performance tweaks), OBEX Bluetooth transfers, etc., in much the same way I don't expect to have any hassle with - where I use only a (very) bare minimum of applications, run everything as an unprivileged user, etc., etc.

By any stretch of the imagination, shouldn't be as flaky around the edges as it's turned out to be this year (remember my rants? The infamous "port 0" bug? The absolutely idiotic ?).

It's a system, for chrissakes. A very complex one, but it's based around the one OS that shouldn't screw up something as fundamental as shutdown.