10.4.4, Come On Down!

While I wait for the official version of Google Earth to come out (no, I haven't tried the alpha floating around, I've no interest in wasting time with unfinished stuff), it is with some amusement I start picking up rumors of 10.4.4's upcoming release - with yet more fixes.

Talk about unfinished stuff, eh? Especially since the last Security Update has left my iMac G5 with a very annoying tendency to hang upon shutdown - I've had to SSH in a couple of times or hold down the power button to finish the job, and I don't like it. At all.

It's all about expectations, I guess. I expect Linux to be somewhat flaky around the edges and require manual tweaking to enable suspend/resume, X compositing (my afternoon's entertainment, along with a few performance tweaks), OBEX Bluetooth transfers, etc., in much the same way I don't expect to have any hassle with Mac OS X - where I use only a (very) bare minimum of applications, run everything as an unprivileged user, etc., etc.

By any stretch of the imagination, Mac OS X shouldn't be as flaky around the edges as it's turned out to be this year (remember my Mail.app rants? The infamous "port 0" bug? The absolutely idiotic keyboard translation bug?).

It's a UNIX system, for chrissakes. A very complex one, but it's based around the one OS that shouldn't screw up something as fundamental as shutdown.

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