Xmas dinner at work - literally. Well organized and lots of fun, but I had to leave early (loud music isn't a good reason for me to stay up late anymore).

Interesting bits of news:

  • NTP and Visto, emboldened by their recent tussles with RIM, have now ganged up on Microsoft - which seems to be an excellent way to completely wipe out the push e-mail market and a very poor long-term survival strategy for them. Microsoft is a bit bigger (just a teensy weeny couple of orders of magnitude), and has a lot better lawyers - besides being quite adept at intellectual property idiocy, er... dealings. And yes, I still think that patents are an extremely dangerous weapon in the hands of idiots - and that the whole system is broken beyond repair and needs a major overhaul.
  • Aspyr has just made current Macs completely obsolete as far as I'm concerned (I haven't fired a rocket launcher in months again, and could probably do with a weekend playing CTF...)
  • And, for a change, a non-Apple rumor: Google buying Opera (which is kinda weird considering the amount of Firefox extensions they've been putting out the last couple of days).