Ah, Linus, Thanks...

...for (unwittingly) starting yet another senseless flame war.

I wish people would see it as an opinion rather than gospel. Okay, so it's not a particularly justified opinion (he doesn't strike me as the best person to comment on UIs), but it is an opinion, and not an all-out attack on Gnome.

Nevertheless, most people commenting on the matter have already started taking sides and denouncing Linus, Gnome or KDE. Tracking their posts over the next couple of days will give you a pretty good idea of who has a personal axe to grind, and against whom.

And yes, I happen to prefer Gnome. But I've also tracked the KDE for stuff in the past, and am waiting for the RULE project to fix their broken site (I want to have a look at their "mini KDE" stuff), so I'm not particularly biased on this one.

Except, of course, regarding the senselessness of kindling more useless zealotry. That I'm completely against.

Oh, and did I mention this (again) gives entirely the wrong impression to anyone just looking in to the Open Source community? I mean, it is a community, right?

Then again, considering this, I guess anything is possible.