Miscellaneous Oddities

I've been tidying up my Subversion repository and re-visiting some of my pet projects (both my own stuff and things I keep track of), so here are some notes:

  • The picture above was the result of tacking some (pretty dumb) bar graphing code to PNGCanvas, which I'm using for basic system stats. Pie charts are horribly deformed at the moment and I'm still scouting for a simple, minimalist way of rendering fonts, but overall I'm quite happy with the results of an hour's tinkering (when it's done, I'll post the code someplace). In the meantime, while searching for free bitmap fonts, I came across the Lisboa fonts, which are very nice indeed.
  • Snakelets was updated to 1.43 this weekend, fixing one of my pet niggles where it regards URL formats. I highly recommend it if your applications require some form of server-side state.
  • I finally tracked down Cenon again. With the Adobe/Macromedia merger and the (more than likely) extinction of Fireworks, anything that runs on a Mac and has decent vector support is on my sights (or used to be, until I lost the URL to it a while back).
  • If you're of the "niche within a niche" persuasion and want to run Linux on your PowerBook, you might want to take a look at fluffy-bunnies (which I found while checking if LaunchBox had made any significant progress).
  • One thing that I've been looking for since last year or so is some form of VNC-based GUI toolkit for embedded devices. I've been rummaging through LibVNCServer, pygame and GGI sources, but can't find anything that even resembles VNCj - which, incidentally, would be a great way to provide access to complex Java applications on a browser, since a VNC viewer applet can run on any JVM without wasting RAM...

Finally, our moment of Zen: If you're curious about the Google devices that Cringely has been ranting about, here's what they look like.

I can already see the Web 2.0 pundits going: "Oh my God, it's full of Tags!"

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