Idle Speculation

I started going through my RSS feeds and stumbled across a swathe of references to this piece of idle speculation regarding the (unsubstantiated) possibility of Apple licensing Mac OS X after the Intel transition - faced with the prospect of wading through them, I decided to pack it in for tonight and fetch a book.

Even if the piece itself is relatively tame, the ensuing commentary and hype isn't, and, again, some finger-pointing is in order. Apple rumors are fast becoming tasteless running jokes, in the sense that the only thing keeping them running is the press' hysterical spin on things.

Some people just don't get it - Apple has no interest in that. Then again, pundits will gleefully point out that it had no overt interest in switching to Intel a couple of years back, so I'll leave it for someone like Gruber to debunk this.

Update: As Apple rumors go, this one (pertaining to new iBooks and iSight-enabled PowerBooks) is a lot more interesting and realistic. I still wonder if the new PowerBooks will come in black - for that über-hackerish look...