Going Pro

As RSS readers may have noticed already, I've updated the Credits page to reflect the fact that the photo album is now running off Todd Dominey's amazing SlideShowPro, putting an end to the recurring issues I had with DHTML navigation.

My thanks to everyone who donated to support the site over the past year - US$20 of your support has found its way to Todd so that you can enjoy my better.

I will be tweaking the colors and layout a bit more over the coming days, but I think it's pretty much settled (I've KISSed it and set the image routines to round off the image corners, so it fits right in with the rest of the site).

Subscribers to the photo RSS feed might experience some hiccups soon (I will tweak the borders and sizes for the files served via RSS, so your aggregator is likely to think that I've updated all the latest items...).

Were it not for the fact that it's five to three in the morning, I would probably wax lyrical about how well polished and documented Todd's stuff is right about now.

As it is, I give it an extremely solid thumbs up, and postpone my gushing commentary and suggestions for minor tweaks to a later post (if you are curious about my implementation, now's the time to comment).

If you intend to publish a photo album larger than a couple dozen images (I'm at the couple thousand mark), go get it now.