Tick Tock

Finally picked up my laptop again for a final stab at using my grey cells in interesting ways before the rest of the week happens to me. Or, as is most likely to be, before I start happening to it.

  • Replied to nearly half my e-mail (the rest is on hold for now, but you'll get a reply).
  • Upgraded the Bluetooth stack on my Toshiba/M100, in hopes that it would let me use my PC as a Bluetooth headset (my last Compaq did that flawlessly). Sadly, version 4.0 of their Windows software still doesn't support all the audio device profiles. Which reminds me: I write about this every month or so, and I still can't imagine why Mac OS X can't make my Mac act as a Bluetooth headset - the hardware supports it, and my iMac is an excellent Skype speakerphone, and I would love to be able to pick up calls from my V600i in the same fashion.
  • Inspired by Michael's ongoing redesign, spent some time fiddling with alpha channels in PHP GD bindings - it's amazing how some bugs linger on, although they seem to have been fixed in CVS.
  • Drafted a list of things I want to get done over the next couple of weeks despite any (woefully predictable) interferences to my schedule - the hard way, on paper. As always, muscle memory is a precious aid to rationalization, and I've been thinking about the way I use my Moleskine and how it can be improved upon. Pointers on efficient note-taking are welcome, though - I seem to summarize my notes too much.
  • Found a ScummVM port for the 770. Hmmm...
  • Via Simon, some interesting canvas demos for Safari and Firefox 1.5.