So, You Want To Buy QuickTime Pro In Portugal? Change Countries.

Update: Exporting to a "near-raw" format and using ffmpegX works well enough for my purposes, judging for a test run with only a few slides - I'll be tweaking framerates and settings, and notes will likely surface somewhere else in the Wiki.

With my vacation drawing to a close, the opportunity window to do this sort of thing is fading very quickly, and I'm simply going to forget about QuickTime until I need it again - I'll just lean on the UNIX side of things and do things the hard way.

In the meantime, Melo will probably be the next one trying to get QT Pro - we'll see what comes of it...

Okaaaaay... So, I figured I needed decent video encoding to export a Keynote presentation I've been working on (a sort of portfolio), and reasoned this was as good a motive as any to go out and get QuickTime Pro.

So I went to the relevant page, and of course Portugal isn't listed. I first noticed that a few months back, but didn't do much about it then.

And of course QuickTime isn't available via the local store, either - plus, the local QuickTime page redirects me to the UK page.

And guess what, I can't buy it if I don't have a UK address. I asked around and dropped a line to the few folk I know that got it, and the replies were along the lines of:

  • "Make up a UK address - worked for me."
  • "Get an MBNet."
  • "Buy a Pro editing app - it's bundled."

...neither of which is acceptable from my point of view. I want it, of course, but, as usual, I want it the right way, i.e., without bending any rules, or getting the impression (again) that Portugal is just an afterthought in their European strategy.

I suppose I could just give and fiddle with the codec settings in Keynote until I find something better, but I was keen on getting a decent H.264 encoder, and there is something fundamentally weird about Apple not wanting to get my money for one of their products.

I mean, I'm used to not being able to buy their products here, but this time I can not only find what I want, but am also assured of instant delivery. And I apparently can't get it without finagling my payment details, or needlessly complicating matters.

And it's not as if they weren't aware of Portugal or weren't set up to deal with electronic payments, tax rules, etc. - we even have an iTunes Music Store of our own (for what it's worth).

So, why can't I buy QuickTime online properly, then?

Update: In the meantime, Michael Simmons pointed out that the PT online store has a mismatched SSL certificate (yes, it's managed by the local partner):

It doesn't seem to be a serious issue (I haven't checked the X.509 details - it's likely to be one of the usual SSL nitpicks regarding common names, new root authorities and such), but I think it's worth mentioning.

Realistically, I think all of this is likely to be sorted out soon (it can't be that hard to get, say, the UK store to accept Portuguese addresses), but, as I pointed out on the previous update atop this post, I've found a workaround.

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