Six Chambers

One of those days again (corporate warts and all), so I'll be brief:

  • Yes, yes, the WRT54G3G is out - in Spain, for now. Hold your horses, it will be available in Portugal in the upcoming weeks. No, I won't write about it, that would be against my - the one thing I can say is that it is an excellent solution for ad-hoc teams, weekend trips, etc. - that's pretty obvious (and public knowledge anyway).
  • Oracle bought Siebel, which is likely to put an end to their in-house CRM division. I'm still waiting to see what comes out of their stabs at PeopleSoft, though.
  • Wow, and I thought Brushed Metal was ugly (via Gruber). The functionality looks a lot like a combination tabbed menu/toolbar (which may be a lot more "task-oriented" than their previous penchant for utterly obnoxious wizards, but anyone who says isn't "getting inspiration" from (not to say "stealing") is clearly completely off their rocker.
  • Finally, Volkswagen groks . I wonder if it will pick up tracks from an , though.
  • Wide Thinkpads - I don't care if it's Lenovo or , these things still look cool enough to star in the Matrix.
  • The Flash Player has hit version 8. Somehow, I don't see any need to upgrade.