Yes, It's Always Like That

Pretty much like yesterday, except that:

  • The calendar says it's a day later.
  • I brought my access card.
  • There was a long(ish) meeting centred on lunchtime (internal catering is also good - not given to wasteful flights of fancy, just plain good).
  • I didn't take calls during the meeting, which means I actually got a lot done on my laptop. No time to go through voice mail yet, though.
  • E-mail was dealt with in a much more ruthless fashion (i.e., one-liners).
  • I'll be leaving the office at 21:30, after replacing a non-portable select.poll() I've just found lurking in a Python daemon.

And yes, it's pretty much like that every day.

And people wonder why I don't have the patience for trivia...

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