Feed Raid

  • Via Michael, CoverFlow. Utterly, utterly, utterly brilliant - the kind of application that makes me love using the Mac at home. Too bad it doesn't work with my DAAP server.
  • Let the Paris Expo hype begin. What is Steve announcing next, le Big Mac?
  • Nokia becomes one more mobile search option, but we all know what they really want to do: bypass the carriers.
  • Via Thurrott, a piece by Rob Enderle that, in a nutshell, explains why Apple isn't taken seriously as a corporate supplier. What he fails to point out, however, is that many small companies (who won't be able to deal directly with Apple as a supplier) also discard Mac out of hand not just for those same reasons (which they can figure out for themselves) but also due to support and distribution (yes, I'm talking about actual availability of products in the 99.999% of countries without Apple stores).
  • MSN Messenger for the Mac was updated to 5.0. About time too, since it enables connectivity to corporate Exchange/Live Communication servers and other nice doodads that I'll be investigating (and yes, I use Adium, but this was long overdue).
  • Macromedia launched Studio 8, which besides Flash and the usual stuff also includes a brand new version of Fireworks I'll probably never upgrade to (given both the costs involved and its uncertain future after the Adobe merger).
  • Merger mania. After the Cisco/Nokia rumors, now we have Huawei looking to buy Marconi (who lost out bigtime when BT handed out its NGN contracts).
  • RSS on a SPOT watch? Hmmm. Interesting.
  • Want to keep up-to-date on ENUM and VoIP in the IETF?