Relax, Me?

Vacations do weird things to you. I've already caught myself writing JavaScript (mostly using Prototype), scoping out GPS devices (got my eye on a Foretrex 201, which seems to be adequate for the uses I envisage for it), replying to vendor e-mails (I do so hate it when they just don't know when to back off) and, of all things, listening to podcasts...

It turns out that I had downloaded the Gilmore Gang and a set of files from "IT Conversations" (interviews with Joel Spolsky and Bruce Schneier, among others) when I played around with iTunes 4.9 a few weeks back, and I found them on my iPod this morning.

I don't, however, anticipate turning any of those into a habit, except for the GPS thing - the application I'm writing is a simple photo tagger (a first step towards what I described on my Ruby Shower Epiphanies post, but not actually using Rails) - and besides, adding, well, tags, I am jumping into the geotagging bandwagon and ensuring I can geotag photos by tying it in with Google Maps in the simplest possible way.

On another front, if you've kept track of my SyncML, phone OTA syncing and WBXML mini-rants, you'd be delighted to know that there are now simple Python bindings for libwbxml - which might be just the thing for bootstrapping your own SyncML development.

Update: And, just after posting this, CNN has begun harping on about more incidents in London (the idiot with the mike is now speculating "what next? could it be a chemical attack this time? it wasn't last time" - could you be any more irresponsible as a reporter?)... pfig is fine, time to figure out where everyone else is...

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