Minimal Service

Spent most of the day practising that most ancient martial art of e-mail Judo, using its own volume and weight to defeat it. Not much of interest in the news, although Fusion/Bluephone caught my eye - it took a bit to come out, but puts an interesting twist on the old DECT/GSM/whatever fray (now it uses Bluetooth to talk to the fixed base station).

Later in the evening, I found this mention of the as being "disappointing", a notion that has already been spread far and wide on the Net. I sure hope it's not anywhere as bad as the 7710...

The usual Skype-to-anything rigmaroles are also of note, even if I've had all the VoIP I can handle during the past few months. Incidentally, I'm now flirting with the notion of ditching Skype and getting back to standard SIP, since one of my friends is leaving for INSEAD and he's been bugging me to stay in touch, but my ancient (pre-100000) FWD number is long gone, along with the original e-mail address... Ah, decisions, decisions.

Still, it's getting ridiculous. My vCard has:

  • 3 mobile numbers from my current GSM operator (and I'm not counting test SIMs)
  • 2 for the other ones
  • 3 (private) landline numbers (we don't have fixed phones at work)
  • seven-ish e-mail addresses (gotta check if one of them still works)
  • Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, Skype and corporate contacts

And I don't actually use any of them that much.