Hell Froze Over, and My Intel Fried

Well, it looks like today’s keynote was far too exciting for my home server. Around 19:30 GMT, and after working as fast as it could (completely saturating my line), it overheated and stopped working:

I arrived home soon afterward to find it switched off and smelling of hot plastic, so I decided to update the records to point to my test install on our shared server. It had to happen some day, and I guess that, all things considered, today’s as good a day as any – if the new server can survive this, it can survive just about anything.

I’ve just restored a full backup of the database to this box – fortunately, my 24h backup cycle runs after midnight, and comments aren’t stored on the site, so you’ll find nearly everything in place.

I apologize for the relatively unkempt state you’ll find this in, though. This isn’t even the same version I was running at home – it’s something I was experimenting in, and although some of my old bugs are fixed, some of my newest tweaks didn’t make it here yet.

I’ll be trying to get things in order ASAP, and post some thoughts on the - migration later. For starters, I’m going to put up a dumb script redirecting people here until propagates:

import cgi, string, time, re
from os import curdir, sep
from BaseHTTPServer import BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer
info = re.compile("/(.+)")
class RedirectHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
  def do_GET(self):
      match = info.match(self.path)
      if not match:
      else: # make it extensible from the outset
        (path) = match.groups()
        self.send_header('Location','http://clone.taoofmac.com/%s' %(path))
    except IOError:
      self.send_error(404,'File Not Found: %s' % self.path)

def main():
    server = HTTPServer(('',8001), RedirectHandler)
    print "started server..."
  except KeyboardInterrupt:
if __name__ == '__main__':

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