Random Slowness

Out to lunch at friends', which was fun. Migrating all my stuff to the has been progressing slowly, largely because ssync has unaccountably failed to sync a substantial portion of my file tree over SMB (which is pretty damn wierd, because it is usually very reliable on Cygwin).

I have a nasty feeling some of that is due to my use of accented characters for some filenames. supports UTF-8 filenames perfectly, but SMB always has a character map associated with filenames, and some of my stuff might be getting lost in codepage limbo.

Ah, the joys of find -print and diff...

Anyway, a lot of stuff has been moving very slowly around here: Development, server migration, commenting, even news coverage. Part of it is due to my watching some Farscape nearly every evening (and I would probably shell out for new Futurama episodes, if they were made globally available), part due to work stress (and needing more time to unwind), and the rest is bits and pieces that I've been trying to put together for ages.

I never intended for the site to be a whirling dervish of web design goodness or a pilgrimage point for any sort of devout, so it surprises me to hear it was mentioned on national talk radio (Antena 3, I think) as some mixture of both.

Kind of makes me want to touch up my site design again, in much the same way as you run around your living room fluffing up pillows and straightening chairs when you know you're going to have visitors.

To that effect, I've been half-heartedly hacking away at K2 to see whether it would be feasible to change this site to it right away (I've been using K2 for my NewWikiMigration prototype, and for a couple of other things), and it looks doable. Messy (I'd have to convert a couple of hundred ), but doable.

We'll see what happens.