Link Mode, Take 24 and a Half

Dead tired.

  • So, it looks like may ditch KHTML in favor of WebCore (i.e., it might begin pushing the other way, favoring its own approaches to KHTML). Of course, this might be just another hiccup in the long series of misunderstandings/differences of opinion/whatever that have been a recurring issue in development, so I'd wait for the dust to settle before calling this either way...
  • Someone apparently managed to hack the Sony/LIBRIe to have an English user interface. I still hope that someone will one day see the light and make a similar gray-scale, high-resolution device that displays PDFs (and I mean any PDF file, without any form of DRM nonsense) and corner the whole ebook reader market. It will be mostly a matter of paper-like displays becoming so cheap as to make the whole thing nearly disposable.