Dipping Cookies

Yeah, I'm running out of snappy post titles. After a whole afternoon of unforseen events, there's nothing much to report here, although the Growl fans will probably like to take a look at ReGrowl, my dinky little network notification repeater.

Oh, and the guy who ripped off my site logo none too subtly tried to post insulting comments, instead of changing his header (there is a reason my comments are based on HaloScan).

  • Rumors of Apple hardware updates. And my iMac G5 is only a couple of months old, at best... Ah well.
  • Much Ado About Wordpress - any way you read this, it reflects badly on someone. Placing links at -9000 pixels? Ouch.
  • Why, oh why does this feel a lot like an April fool? Is it my age-old skepticism towards Motorola handsets? The fact that the Qtek S100, the smallest Windows Mobile phone out there, is as thick as a brick? Or the fact that tomorrow is, in fact, April 1st?
  • The first mention of ExpressCard in mainstream "press". I've been aware of it for a while now, and keep wondering why we don't simply do away with expansion cards altogether.
  • Still on the topic of fudging engine ratings, I am becoming more and more curious as to why my Technorati ranking jumped a full 200 notches yesterday. My traffic increase is linear (as much as a saturated ADSL line can allow, of course), but the only thing that I can find to account for it is a bunch of recent referrers from digg.com (which I recently added to my Coral "anti-slashdotting" list, since it completely saturated my line for a couple of hours). Still, you would expect Technorati rankings to be less fickle.
  • A great intro to PyObjC and Xcode - I hope it becomes part of the PyObjC documentation.