Monday, Reloaded

Today's big achievement: focused on clearing out my inbox and reviewing the status of most of the stuff I'm involved in. Would have done it, too, if it wasn't for the constant interruptions. Still, 12 flagged messages out of ninety-odd unsorted ones ain't bad.

  • Yahoo buys Flickr, therefore paving the road for assimilation (which has already been disproven), but hey, you know where my money is.
  • Only 25 percent of Americans are using SMS. Apparently that's more than African elephants, but, on the other hand, African elephants have better service plans.
  • There's now a 43 Folders Wiki. Is it just me, or is everyone doing Wikis these days? I've dived in already and tweaked a few entries. Wish I had more time...
  • Spoiling kids right at the crib (via pfig, of all people). But it is a nice idea, since the will play for hours on end.
  • If you don't know about Overshadowed yet, now is a good time to visit. The latest photos have been quite something.
  • The camera connector surfaces. I wonder what sort of circuitry is inside. Or if it is necessary at all.
  • Snakelets was updated to 1.38, apparently 5 minutes after I finally started messing around with it yesterday... Oh, and so was .
  • So, kids without computers do better. If you ask me, it's pretty obvious - without any sort of help or distraction, they become more focused. And yes, I've often wondered if computers are really beneficial for office work, at least in the way we use them today.

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