Inbox Flush

  • Opera and Nokia finally owned up to bundling the browser with phones (again, if I might add).
  • Google Code - which also covers non-Google related stuff, apparently.
  • Bruno lists a number of URL rewriting services (might come in handy).
  • Beam me up, Herr Scotty - why, oh why does this look so silly?
  • The Usual Q1 Palm Rumor - we get one of these every year, and every year Palm keeps churning out worse products (the Palm V is still the zenith of their quality/functionality ratio).
  • RIM settles with NTP. Been a few days, but it's worth noting that the US$450M they've settled for seems to be more than their Q4 turnover (US$366M).
  • HSDPA hiccups. Lots of people think it just needs a strong pat in the back.
  • Spore, the latest Maxis "Sim Everything" game - Sim Planet? Sim Universe? Whatever they end up calling it, it seems amazing.