RAM is Crucial, Indeed

(First, remember. It wasn't that long ago.)

Being fundamentally fed up with my RAM swindle and finding myself unable to get Fink to compile even the smallest package without a "bus error" or "segmentation dump" message, I emptied the loose change and ordered a 1GB DIMM from Crucial, just like Nuno. Shipping took 48h, since I don't keep regular hours and wasn't at home when the courier called.

First try at compiling OCaml (a unison dependency) went swimmingly (and this is not a trivial thing to compile - OCaml eats up a lot of memory), so it looks like RAM was indeed why my iMac was locking up randomly.

I will nevertheless stress test it a bit during the weekend, provided I can stay awake for long enough to use a computer.

The worse thing is that there are still casualties lying around: A couple of work documents I had edited before I figured out I had RAM issues are corrupted, one of them beyond repair (and the other only seems to have a couple of pages before ending mid-sentence with a Thai character). At least one JPEG image I had transferred from a test phone is corrupted too (apparently a borderline case).

I wonder what I will come across next...

Update: 6 hours, several e-mails, lots of SSH sessions, some SubEthaEditing with Davi and a revised Alcatel SpeedTouch HOWTO later, I have had zero lock-ups and a single application crash (VideoLAN barfed on a malformed video file, which I consider OK behavior for it). I also have the longest application dock ever, with dozens of running apps. Let's see if it stays this stable.

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