Five Religious Issues I Run Into Every Other Day

In an effort to keep my mind off , here are five things that regularly crop up whenever a small bunch of telco geeks meets and reaches critical mass:

  • vim vs emacs (the Editor World Wars)
  • TCP/IP vs ATM (also known as "Packet-Switched versus Circuit-Switched: The Sequel")
  • vs (also known as " vs : The Sequel")
  • Gnome vs KDE (also known as "we do GUIs" vs "we do eye candy")
  • Four-space indenting vs Two-space indenting (the One Indenting To Rule Them All thing)

This last one is courtesy of Nuno, Melo and Pedro. Pedro actually looked funny at Nuno when he confessed to using three-space indenting on a particular set of files...

I guess there are plenty more. So, let's try to kick off a meme, shall we?


List five similar (geek) issues you come across every other day, and add these instructions plus:

That way people can keep track of them all, and follow it back to the source.