Minor Successes

Spent a lot of time today talking to Davi about a joint project we're trying to push (pun intended), troubleshooting portions of the test setup and rummaging through my e-mail trying to tie up loose ends.

All of this during the second half of a two-day training session that turned out to cover a lot of what I had already learned on my own this past year. Still, the material and delivery was interesting and polished, as is usual for them.

We got most of it running by the end of the day. And the /screen -x combination turned out to be the perfect way to get some work done in real time between Lisbon and Düsseldorf (at least much faster than the usual "pass the draft" game we usually "play" by mail).

So, my current list of achievements for the day was:

  • Got test setup running and made sure nobody else had any excuses for not doing their bit tomorrow morning.
  • Memorized far too many specification numbers to be considered an average person.
  • Updated CV for the first time in two years or so.

Keeping track of the news, however, was not part of them.