Tuned Out

Mondays are that day of the week when you are suddenly reminded, in painfully exquisite detail, why big organizations strive to avoid getting mired in mindless internal processes. At least until you get your second dose of coffee and start making phone calls to get things moving along.

Still, it's amazing how much reasoning, cross-checking and due process can get in the way of getting the simplest things done. Not to mention that the "best" decisions made by committee invariably turn out to be extremely well documented (not to mention debated to exhaustion), very logical, but ultimately unfair to someone.

And that's about everything I have to say for today. Next week, if this sort of mood strikes me again, I might write up a monograph on the topic of managing career expectations in a saturated marketplace.

But somehow, I'm the sort of guy who always finds it easier to reinvent himself.