Chilling Out

Spent some time flushing my RSS feeds, replying to e-mail (going backwards, still in the middle of February), updating my DAAP HOWTO - I now have server-side playlists, yeah!

Those are covered in the daapd documentation, not in the HOWTO, but basically I just go:

$ find . -print | grep -i "hotel costes" | grep .mp3 >> QuietMood.m3u

And bingo, all my Hotel Costes tracks pop up in iTunes as a separate playlist, on any box I may be using. Which reminds me, I have to go out and buy the latest Madredeus (plus a truckload of other stuff that I've been putting off buying, and that the iTunes Music Store doesn't seem to have).

Getting back to RSS, I badly need some sort of feed merger to remove duplicates on those "planet" feeds that are becoming all the rage now (consolidating Planet Gnome, Planet Python and Planet Freedesktop would save me 25% traffic, at least...). I wonder why there isn't a "Planet Mac" yet.

While figuring out how to go about doing this, I updated one of my newspipe instances - it has been getting quite a few enhancements, and my favorite is the new check_time and mobile_time stuff, which I'll be using to MMS me updates during the off hours.

But first, I have to code a management front-end for a little app of ours.