Scott Adams Must Be Nearby

Let me just say that I absolutely loathe politics. And that I just removed a couple of comments from some idiot by the name of "Pantera" that tried to post links to some pro-or-anti (it's irrelevant) political blog, and that I happen to think that the ongoing campaign for next Sunday's legislative election here in Portugal is complete and utter hogwash, on all sides. There's not a single political party that I can pledge my vote to without reservations, and, by and large, none of them has a single clue of what they're going to do.

Which is, by the way, how a lot of people feel about the election. I won't get into that, since the kind of people who blog about politics tend to drift off into the sort of ideological point-scoring argument I find utterly boring, and I have little enough time to type this as it is.

In yet another bout of cosmic syncrhonicity, I found it absolutely mind-blowing that this happened to be today's comic:

I'll try to post some news later.