Coding Challenge: Build the best VNC client for the Mac

If you've come across my list of ten Open Source applications to watch, you know I find pretty much all VNC clients for Mac OS X useless - and not just due to the lack of 4.0 protocol support, but also to the usual casualty of English-centric programmers: Extremely bad localization.

Most VNC clients out there are useless on Macs with non-US keyboards, so I've been using VNCThing for quite some time - it gets it mostly right, although it still has quite a few issues with "dead" keys against the stock Fedora VNC server and lacks 4.0 protocol support (which can be a right pain over congested links).

Well, thanks to Nathanael Obermayer, who was kind enough to send me the GPL'd source code for VNCThing, there's a chance of fixing that.

I most likely won't do it (at least not anytime soon), since my workload is bordering on the ridiculous and I have enough trouble finding the time to post this and call attention to the problem.

But I do have some hope that by posting the source code archive someone else will be willing to step up to the challenge and bring VNCThing kicking and screaming into the XXIst century.

Of course, you get extra brownie points for speaking English only as a second language.

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