Monday, Obviously

Some medical issues. Managed to notice the PowerBook updates, as well as the usual amount of people who don't know about thermodynamics to understand that a G5 would either melt the keyboard, drain the battery in less than an hour, or both.

Melo's dream of a dual-core G4 is far more realistic, at least until the G5 is cooled down a bit. The overall bump to 512MB RAM finally makes the base machines usable, and the scroll gestures for the touchpad are a great idea, even if you like .

As far as I remember the theory of operation of Synaptics touchpads, that trick may well be back-portable to current iBooks and s (depends on how the drivers and firmware are split). Raging Menace has some comment on this already, it seems.

But the best little add-on for me (and, again, one that most people will overlook) is Bluetooth 2.0, with Enhanced Data Rate support (a theoretical sustained 3Mbps). Just the thing for dial-up access via next year's crop of phones - or, if you want to get frivolous, for Bluetooth headphones.

The only other -centric piece of news today that I found relevant was that has had another update (to 0.76). As far as I like updates and bugfixes, once a week is ludicrous. If only the "Milk" icon and theme was bundled in, I could take it in stride - re-skinning a new build every week is a right pain, no matter how easy it is...