Spinning Plates

A moderately quiet beginning to the year, as gigabytes of stuff trickle through my 's Firewire cabling to a Maxtor buffer disk, which mirrors my woefully unkempt collection, this site, my photos, etc., until they are tidied up and flushed out to my underused DVD recorder. Moving mountains of bits has become a usual chore of my quarterly backups, and it's always sobering to find that your home directory (e-mail, photos, application preferences in Library, etc.) amounts to something like 22GB.

All of a sudden, 4.7GB per disc seems awfully little - my e-mail totaled over 1.8GB this year alone, and I'm still working out the best way to split my digital photo archive. Still, the experiments I've made with 1.4GB pocket DVD-R discs (which are the same size as 150MB CD-single) are encouraging - they're expensive, but small. If current DVD technology was able to deliver a 6.5GB capacity on these little 3" discs, it would be perfect for me.

Maybe in a year or so.