Since I'm on vacation, I've finally had the time (or rather, the patience) to fix a few things around the site - some of this stuff was supposed to be fixed last year or so, so that should give you an idea...

  • SeeAlso, the Page Trail beneath the navigation bar, the and the live search box (very neat stuff you are missing out on if you don't actually visit my site) now display post titles instead of blog/date, which is much more convenient.
  • Quite a few of the page plugins were converted into WikiPluginCached subclasses (I finally figured out how it was supposed to work, although I had to beat a few salient "features" into submission). Coupled with a bit more cache tweaking, page load times (and CPU usage) were trimmed substantially.
  • The Atom feed now validates (thanks for the feedback). I've also fixed a date formatting bug and another If-Modified-Since issue, so please check your aggregators - I'll be checking that again later.
  • Minor Update: There are now roughly 150 different site header images (most of which are bigger versions of the I had for previous ), and I whipped up a to warn me about Spam Referrers and some internal Wiki things like cache refreshes and whatnot:

There's still a lot of stuff to do (like re-theming the photo album), cleaning up the CSS and figuring out what to do to the CVS section, but it's a start.

Oh, and my post (which seems to be quite popular at the moment) has been updated with a few more tips.