The Knights That Say Growl

My dinky little module to send native notifications using UDP packets is , after some minor polishing (I wanted the semantics to be more or less idiot-proof, not to mention easy to drop in to batch scripts and watchdog daemons).

I figured it wasn't worth the hassle of putting such a simple piece of code up on CVS, and will donate it to the team once I update the packet format to match what is actually coded (I drew it in OpenOffice, and misplaced the file somewhere inside my development box).

Next up, I'll probably try my hand at:

  • Instrumenting a few of my watchdogs, log filters, etc.
  • A "follow-me" feature that figures out if I'm on my or my iBook and routes some of the messages appropriately (some, like fetchmail and firewall stuff, only make sense when I'm lounging about the house). It might be as simple as a simple Rendezvous lookup using pyzeroconf - not sure yet.
  • A generic server/packet decoder, so that I can try doing:
    • A Windows "server" using systray baloon notifications (it's basically a one-line API call).
    • Some sort of Gnome proof of concept (if I can ever spare the time).
    • A SIP-to- two-way bridge.

And, of course, a Perl version (unless someone beats me to it, which could be anytime in the next two hours).


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