The Incredibles

Wow. Not only is the animation first class, the facial expressions, cloth, hair (on the characters that had some - it's no coincidence the grunts wore helmets) are far beyond what you'd consider as recognizable computer graphics - especially considering the effort involved in animating them during close-ups. And, of course, the action scenes are very impressive, with impeccable timing and detail.

But, again, Pixar's movies wouldn't be half as good without their character development. The characters are clearly recognizable as cartoons (and quite like animated soft rubber action figures), but the exquisite matching between the voice acting talent and the animation talent makes them truly believable, even for grown-ups. And grown-ups are definitely the main audience for the movie, since they will be able to appreciate the subtle visual cues to all those other superhero movies we grew up with.

Ten years from now, that sort of computing power will be available on a desktop workstation. I wonder what sort of artistry we'll be able to do with it - and what sort of movies we'll be watching.