Vodka and Strawberry Ice

Yeah, I know, the headings are getting stranger as time goes by, which just goes to show I really need a vacation. Lots of work, late (and cursory) dinner, a mere glance at the news, and a bunch of unanswered mail at home (I'll get to it sometime during the weekend).

I handled a Tom Tom Go today for a few minutes, and would rate it as the most intuitive GPS gizmo I ever laid my hands on - at least provisionally, since I have never felt any need to use one, even when we did LBS stuff. I've always hated GPS devices and their finnicky connections to PDAs and laptops, so handling a self-contained gadget that does everything with an intuitive touch-screen interface (and, get this, localized voice prompts) was an eye opener - phones will never be as useful for LBS as dedicated devices, since the ability to do a near-haptic UI just isn't there. Think of it as "the GPS iPod", and you'll see what I'm driving at.

Some news:

And now, I'm going to relax a bit.