The Empire Strikes Back

Just watched it again and couldn't think of another post title - Michael was right, some of the colors look a bit overdone. On with the news, I've got a busy day coming up and I should get some sleep beforehand.

  • As a close contender with SCO for the most clueless marketing strategy ever, Creative's CEO declares war on . Oh yeah. I wonder if they really have a superior product, or if they just stole their menu layout from and are going the copycat route.
  • Next runner-up, TiVo, which is apparently considering displaying banners while you fast forward. Duh? I thought one of the main reasons people bought PVRs was actually have a chance of getting rid of the ads?
  • Remember that comic ? Well, Dogbert has even more ammunition. Not that (like Asok points out) it isn't way easier xeroxing sensitive documents and walking out the door with them... Oh, wait, this is xeroxing too.
  • Still, there are worse ideas out there, and which sadly get more press coverage. Now privacy groups are suggesting camera phones should flash a bright light. What about er, regular cameras, which are getting to be smaller than phones, and (gasp) often cheaper? These people are totally clueless, and worse, they say "phone companies have a legal and moral responsibility to fix these problems". Duh? Like... Will you make car companies (or resellers) liable for the actions of drivers? Techdirt's comparison to the early days of the automobile is spot on, and should be used more often so that people understand how ridiculous the whole thing is. Otherwise, we'll have entire marching bands preceding people with mobile phones just to appease a few nineteenth-century lobbyists.
  • And talking about lobbyists, Melo sent me a link to what is probably the best evidence so far that John Dvorak gets high before writing. He just had to be, although nobody can figure out on what (adrenaline? pot? or is it the sheer vertigo of his lack of touch with modern technology?).
  • got another update. I wish they had an "auto-update" feature that preserved my customizations (like pfig, I refuse to have a stupid green duck quacking on my dock - but unlike him, I like the rest of the app).
  • There also seems to be new software available for the AirPort. Might be of interest to some people.
  • Finally, SubEthaEdit has been upgraded to 2.1, but I too resent the dumb watermarking - it makes code unreadable when you start working in Terminal alongside it, and is simply too annoying for my taste. So I went and looked at alternatives: TextForge has an intriguing "Run in Terminal" command (something I've always wanted in a editor), but I ended up getting Smultron again, and am trying to like it.