Back to Work

Arrived at the office to wrestle an overgrown inbox and try to get some things done before the annual company meeting (which took all afternoon but was, as always, a nice refresher about why I work in the mobile business). Russell would be amazed at how we look at the European market.

Got back home exausted (but in good spirits) and tried my hand at creating Anaglyphs to relax (if you have a pair of those cheesy red and blue 3D glasses, see today's photos). I'm thinking of doing a pseudo-3D photo archive of a couple of interesting places, and Anaglyphs are one of the few reliable, ultra-low-tech pseudo-3D approaches that you can go right out and print, unlike, say, "twitch" animations such as this one:

Still got quite a few things to do at home - like finishing a couple of tweaks and getting installed someplace where I can get at it remotely. It eats RAM like a grazing hippo, but I'd like to try out a couple of things on it.

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