Idle Surfing

  • Conclusive evidence that some people have far too much free time on their hands has been amassing lately, but nothing as conclusive as this guy who turned his Xbox into a (running , of course) using PearPC.
  • Reversing the trend, there is now a MythTV frontend for , which is very good news indeed (I still haven't given up on building my own PVR, since TiVo is a US/UK-only setup and there is no way Portugal is going to get a decent PVR service.)
  • Another attempt at cashing in to Wi-Fi splash screens (via dodgy pseudo-patents). My only comment: Since there were previous claims, how can the USPTO grant more than one patent on this at all?
  • A very good friend of mine sent me a link to Telephony's Complete Guide (PDF) to WiMax.
  • Last but not least, Doom 3 is out for . Now all we need is a binary.

Editor Hype

Despite all the hype, I can't get excited about . It's just not that much better to justify using it instead of, say vim or SubEthaEdit for coding, or VoodooPad Lite for just about everything else. Oddly enough, (which was suggested to me in a comment) feels better. Maybe it's the lack of extraneous eyecandy. Maybe it's the "I hate brushed metal windows" option. Sure it's more limited, but I agree with 2lmc that is, well... a bit off.

Or maybe I just prefer plain strawberry instead of fancy Aqua ice cream.

Finding Stuff

has been bumped to 0.26. According to Aristus (who was kind enough to drop me a few lines), we'll be seeing updates every week or so until it reaches 1.0, and we can track progress via the Changelog. This version adds filtering, remote client support, a german translation, and a bit more polish.