Backup Day

$ du -k Work/2004/Q3
692132  Work/2004/Q3
$ du -k Personal/2004/Q3
123468  Personal/2004/Q3
$ du -k Mailing\ Lists/
40092   Mailing Lists

Yes, that's over 800MB of "ham" e-mail in three months, which I'm archiving on a DVD as I type this. Today being the first day of the quarter, I'm doing my quarterly backups and running rsync and ssync across all my boxes like there was no tomorrow:

Full website backup (server to , to SMB until I get rsync to run on it):

rsync --progress -rvze ssh tao@the:~/ \

Mail tree (around 4.6GB), to burn on DVD:

ssync --update-only --no-sync-meta --no-detach \
--src-path /Volumes/TAOOFMAC\;MAIL/mail/ \
--dst-path /Volumes/Firewire\ HD/Backups/Mail/

Plus a few other assorted doodads that I merely rsync across boxes. Everything of any real importance is in e-mail, all really important stuff is backed up a bit more often (and sent off-site).

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and get some rest while my Plextor bakes plastic. It's been one hell of a week.