Little Gripes

A few things I wish I had already, instead of trying to make do with seconds.

  • A decent 4 protocol client for with complete international keyboard support. Don't bother suggesting any, I've just gone through every single one on VersionTracker and Sourceforge. I do that every three months or so, and still can't find anything better than VNCThing (which at least lets me type accented characters properly).
  • An protocol server for that would allow a vanilla client to connect to a server without procotol shims.
  • A decently integrated, honest-to-goodness drop-in-installable WebDAV/ server that cuts to the chase instead of pussyfooting around and requiring enough extra packages to start looking like an emacs emulator. Oh, and with something like Trac bundled in.
  • 's with 2003-style flagging.
  • Visio for the and . And I do mean Visio, with all its stencils, tools and file formats.

One can hope, I guess.