Progress Along a Lopsided Road

  • I'm getting more and more annoyed at's inability to correctly deal with inline images (i.e., images inserted in HTML mail as MIME parts). It displays them OK (for the most part), but if you try to forward or redirect the messages it completely mangles the message contents (and, of course, loses all images). Thunderbird, of course, works (and is pretty damn impressive in its Mac OS X incarnation), but it lacks the über-cool UI smoothness of and neat tricks like mailbox grouping (i.e., Cmd-select a few mailboxes, and it merges the contents in a single view).
  • Python's HTMLParser class makes for wonderfully tight and self-contained HTML-to-RSS scrapers. Heartily recommended to use as inputs to newspipe, even if I can't share those specific bits of code :)
  • SIP looks more and more interesting by the hour. I've already subclassed UDPServer into a dinky little SIPServer (the handler, of course, is the clever bit, and so far mine only parses headers and replies OK to anything), and am now trying to figure out how SIMPLE works so I can tie it to Growl. I wish they had gone for a HTTP REST interface bound to localhost, though - as much as I like PyObjC, It makes no sense to download and install umpteen packages to do notifier scripts (unless you can do everything you want in AppleScript, which is somewhat of a ludicrous notion even for me).
  • Still, Growl's 0.5 release is an extremely neat toy (I've only had 30 minutes to play around with it so far, and found it hard to put away). It ties in nicely with my old idea of having things like arpwatch and cron find if you are logged on and notify you, hence the SIP thing. LanOSD is pretty close to what I want, but it's closed source, so it's out for me, and Earthlink's recent use of SIP in P2P made me curious as to exactly how you get SIP-based (or assisted) protocols to work across NAT, so I might as well tinker with that too.
  • Bayesian classification in newspipe is (mostly) working now, but I have yet to find a decent way to train it. My initial experiments with inserting a minute Flash widget into each mail message (the idea being that the Flash widget would talk back to newspipe's HTTP server and trigger training) have just gone horribly wrong, so I need to think of something else that does not trigger an external browser when clicked on.

And no, I haven't finished the actual work I was supposed to do this weekend. The last couple of hours were enforced rest, since it's on track and I deserve some kind of reward.

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