Relaxation, at last

The uncommonly shitty weather we're having is a nice reason to lounge about and catch up on world news (not all of it good, as usual) and mailing-list traffic (some unread counts were nearing four digits, which is never a good thing).

I've also started tinkering with newspipe again, mostly fixing a few formatting and MIME type issues that made Thunderbird choke. Ricardo tells me that a new release should be out this weekend, so if you're not a CVS head, check it out tomorrow or so.

Yet More Coral Fun

So you're one of the few who actually care about not slashdotting sites? Well, drop these four lines of somewhere - it will rewrite absolute links from the Slashdot homepage (it misses a few, but it was a five-minute hack) and preserve the rest of the page content:

$szBuffer = file_get_contents( "" );
$szBuffer = preg_replace( "'\"http://(.+)(/(.+)|)\"'SUm",
'"http://$$2"', $szBuffer );
$szBuffer = str_replace( "</HEAD>", '<base href=""></HEAD>',
$szBuffer );

Another tack is to code your own proxy and simply Coralize anything with a referrer, but, honestly, why bother?

Is Your Network Hot Or Not?

Christopher Whipple dropped me a note mentioning Rate My Network Diagram - it wasn't yesterday's moment of Zen, but it's definetly today's twitch click.

My favourite has to be the DVD sneakernet - by far the most bandwidth on a single link yet...

, Byte-Ranges and

Via pfig, the coolest audio blogging trick ever: a script that manipulates byte ranges to proxy selected snippets out of files.