Networking Oddities

  • Unlicensed Mobile Access, a perfectly sensible technical approach for a practically unsolvable business solution that is in search of a revenue problem. (In a nutshell: It won't fly anytime soon).
  • WPA2, yet another security standard for Wi-Fi. The good thing is we have so many of them. The reality is that in practical terms they don't amount to much. Take WMM, for instance. Do they really think QoS grows on trees?
  • for is out. The beta worked beautifully between two s (the built-in mics are excellent), and we're now trying to put as many firewalls between us as we can (around five between myself and Melo on any given business day).
  • Orange launches Push-To-Talk, well ahead of OMA standards.
  • Crippling phones is a bad idea. 'Nuff said.

More Fun With Coral

As an experiment, I redirected all requests for my main RSS feed to its Coral alias for 24 hours. Davi complained of a corrupt feed (there seems to be a bug regarding gzip encoding and Michael is on it), but the overall effect was interesting: Instead of the usual 12KBps average, site traffic dropped to 6-7KBps (yes, a nearly 50% decrease).

Here's the latest graph (I think you can guess when I removed the Coral redirect):

Of course, most of that reduction might be due to RSS aggregators which can't handle redirects or content compression schemes (and which therefore did not issue more requests), but it's nice to see the traffic dropping a bit nevertheless.